Upcoming Building Project at Legacy

June 2019

Some exciting changes are coming to Legacy Academy beginning this summer and fall. The school is partnering with JHL Constructors to add new classroom space, along with a significant renovation to modify several areas of the existing building. Our first phase will add approximately 14,000 square feet on the east end of our existing building. The upper floor will be the new home of our middle school and our specials classrooms will move to the lower level. As the addition nears completion, we will begin a renovation that will relocate the main offices across the main hallway, into the spaces currently occupied by the computer lab, library/STEAM classroom, and special services. The space that is currently occupied by our offices will become athletics storage and changing rooms.

During the renovation and expansion of our current building, we ask for your patience. Several design issues will be addressed by the renovation that was not attainable when the school was first constructed. Our desire is to create engaging learning spaces that will maximize student learning, meet the needs of all of our school programs, and enhance the school’s ability to maintain a safe environment for our students. This includes adequate spaces for our middle school classes, specials programs, and office/admin staff members.

These projects will not result in an expansion of the school’s current enrollment capacity but are intended to allow Legacy Academy to successfully implement its programs in more appropriate spaces than those currently in use. We anticipate that site preparation will begin as soon as July/August 2019, and the construction process should begin by October 2019. The scheduled completion of the addition is in the spring of 2020, with the renovation work wrapping up shortly before the start of the 2020/21 school year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the next several months. If you wish to follow the progress of our project, we will be linking a project page to the school’s website. We are excited to begin these projects, and we appreciate the community’s continued support for Legacy Academy!

View from the school’s existing main driveway








View from the rear carpool loop

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