2019 LABOD Election

From: The Legacy Academy Election Committee.

On April 26, 2019, Legacy Academy had it’s annual election for the open Board of Directors seats. There were two open seats and six candidates. Voter turnout was consistent with previous years.

The voting was concluded at 7pm. The locked box of votes was then brought into an office where the votes are tallied by the Election Committee Chairman. The Principal and the Board President were in attendance to assure accuracy. After the first tally, the votes are counted a second time by both the principal and the board president. If there’s a discrepancy in the results, the votes are then recounted two more times. Once the number of votes for each candidate is agreed upon by the three attendees, the candidate(s) are then called by the Board President and informed of the results.

Legacy Board of Director’s vote tallies, 2019

Total ballots cast: 116 (several ballots voted for only one candidate instead of two)

  • Mindy Kashner – 79
  • Matt Fonte – 74
  • Scott Walter – 25
  • Kathy Jaffee – 20
  • Eric Haigh – 19
  • Rhonda Kilduff – 10

For 2019, there were two positions open for election. The two candidates with the highest vote totals were Matt Fonte and Mindy Kashner. The term for the elected seats begins as of the June business meeting of Legacy’s Board.

The election committee thanks the other four candidates for their interest in helping Legacy continue to be a great school of choice.

In addition, The election committee would like to thank Mrs. Kim Baum for her years of service. Being a board member of a charter school is both exciting and exhausting. Mrs. Baum was an exceptional part of an exceptional board.

Thank You.

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