Kids Heart Challenge Update

Dear Parents—

Our school is in FULL Kids Heart Challenge swing with the American Heart Association. Don’t forget to register and join in on the heart healthy fun. It’s easy, and with your first donation, you can earn two of our heart heroes, Echo and Finn and a glow in the dark wristband!

Most schools can only earn 3 heart hero characters right away, but because our school rocks, our students can earn them ALL instantly when students sign up online to view our School Webpage and SIGN UP or by downloading the Kids Heart Challenge app in the App Store (search Kids Heart Challenge), available for iPhone and Android. Earn our official Glow in the Dark Heart Hero Member Wristband just for registering online and taking a healthy challenge!

CLICK HERE to watch the heart-healthy experience that students are having at school!

We are raising funds to help the AHA do life-saving research and to help our PE department earn new equipment! This year students don’t have to wait until the end of our event, March 8th, to earn all of our Heart Hero friends instead you can earn them all INSTANTLY!!! Plus, the top overall student gets to be either principal or PE coach for the day AND the class that raises the most gets a free fun day in PE class with a popsicle party – but that’s not all if our school hits our $8,000 goal Mr. Naber will get pied in the face!!!

Your heart heroes come to life through the APP!

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