Jump Rope for Heart

ucm_479152Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart is an annual fundraiser we have done at Legacy for over 10 years. Heart disease is still the number one killer of adults and Legacy wants to help make a difference. Middle School Students will shoot hoops on March 8, 2018, while  K-5. Students will jump on March 9th, to raise money for American Heart Association of Colorado. Students will learn essential heart-healthy lessons on how to care for their hearts, by eating healthy and exercising every day! Jump Rope for Heart is always one of our students favorite days!

We have kicked off Jump Rope & Hoops for Heart in PE and your students are bringing home a letter and envelope with details.  This is the 38th anniversary of our Jump Rope for Heart program (perhaps you remember doing it as a kid)!  During the next few weeks, students will be using educational materials from the American Heart Association to learn about HOW and WHY they need to take care of their hearts.  They will also be raising funds to help others whose hearts aren’t as healthy.  We also get to earn money to purchase new PE equipment!

With a $5 donation, students will earn “Rory” and a lanyard.  Tear off the coupon on your paper flyer when your student raises this amount and have them return it to their PE Teacher.

*  How to Register online: HOW TO REGISTER ONLINE VIDEO

*  How to Send e-mails: HOW TO SEND E-CARDS VIDEO

* How to take the E-Card Challenge:  HOW TO TAKE THE E-CARD CHALLENGE VIDEO


We hope you will join us in teaching your children about living heart healthy lives and helping others!  Donations are due on March 9th.

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