Elizabeth Education Foundation

The mission of the Elizabeth Education Foundation is to enhance the educational process and opportunities for all students, teachers, employees, parents and community members in the Elizabeth C-1 School District.

Community giving cards can be loaded and recycled many times.  Simply add the money for all your purchases to the community giving card and spend it.  It’s easy and costs you only a minute of your time, yet provides thousands of dollars into our classrooms.  Our goal is to put $15,000 back into the classrooms this year.  You can help us by simply using a community giving grocery card every time you shop.  Can you help us reach our goal?

It’s easy….order a card from the Elizabeth Education Foundation and reuse it every time you shop.  There’s no need to purchase a new card each time, simply reload and recycle your Elizabeth Education Foundation card.  Every card comes loaded with a $10 balance.  5% of every dollar added to the card regenerates our classrooms in the form of teacher grants.  Grants are awarded each December.  Please see our website,  www.elizabethef.org for a list of our grant awards.

2018 Grocery Card Order Form

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