Getting Started at Legacy Academy!

Please refer to the following list of helpful information and tips for families that are new to our school or if you need a reminder on Legacy Academy policies.

  • Birth Certificates – Turn into office, email to or fax to 303-646-2636.  A copy of your child’s state issued birth certificate is required before attending school in Colorado.  If you do not already have an original, please order as soon as possible as this can take over 6 weeks to receive.  
  • Immunizations – Turn into office, email to or fax to 303-646-2636. State law requires that specific immunizations be in place in order for students to attend public school in Colorado.  Please contact your child’s doctor to make sure they have the required immunizations and if needed to make an appointment.

NOTE: Students entering 6th grade, must have a Tdap which is a booster immunization of tetanus, pertussis, and diphtheria.

Parents who have religious or personal objections to immunizations, or students who have a medical reason for exemption, may sign a form at the school office.  Please be aware that students who have exemptions will be excluded from school if an outbreak of a specified common disease occurs.  

  • Uniforms – Legacy Academy requires that all students wear a uniform. Details about uniforms are online in our handbook. Uniforms can be purchased from any retail source provided that the clothing items meet Legacy’s uniform requirements.  To view or order uniforms online, use the following links.

PTCO periodically sponsor used uniform sales that are advertised in parent emails and on our website. These events are excellent times to find gently used uniforms at great prices. The clothing at these sales has often been donated back to the PTCO by Legacy families whose students have grown out of their uniforms.

  • School Pool  – Legacy Academy is pleased to continue our partnership with Way to Go/Schoolpool to assist parents that are interested in carpooling, to and from school with other families in their neighborhood.  To be added to Legacy’s Carpool please register on the following secure link:  Questions can be directed to Way to Go at 303-458-7665 or .
  • Before and After Care  – Legacy Academy offers before and after school, child care for Legacy students only. Information on this program is on Legacy’s website.  To view it, go to our homepage, click on “About Legacy” and the last item listed, “Before and After Care”.
  • Medication  – Students who require prescription medication during the school day must have a “Permission for Medication” form on file at the school health office before it can be administered.  This form requires a physician’s signature so please print this Permission for Medication and you can take it with you to your child’s appointment.
  • Technology Terms and Conditions – Please complete the Technology Terms and Conditions form confirming your understanding and acceptance of our expectations for Legacy Academy’s devices. This form will explain the proper care for student devices and outlines the potential costs that may be incurred if a student’s iPad, charger, or cable is damaged or lost.  Follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the “School Resources” tab
  3. Select “iPads and Technology”
  4. Complete “Technology Terms and Conditions”
  • Volunteer Log – Legacy relies on Parent participation and we ask each family to contribute a minimum of 40 hours per year (single parent households 20 hours per year). Families may also receive 1 hour of volunteer credit for each $10 that is spent/donated for school events or classroom needs (please provide receipts to the front office).  Each family is responsible for setting up their own account to log Legacy Academy volunteer hours.  Please use the following link to complete your online application: Volunteer
  • Infinite Campus Parent Portal Password – The Infinite Campus Portal allows parents and guardians to see information related to their student(s) such as household information, attendance, grades, assignments, and behavior. In order for parents to log in to this Secure Portal, they must have a school approved username and password.  To receive this, parents will need to pick a password that they will remember that is at least eight characters long (including a capital and number). Email your password to Within two Business days, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password. Access the portal through the Legacy Academy APP or Legacy’s Homepage.
  • Legacy APP – The Legacy App is a quick and useful tool to keep you informed with what is happening at Legacy Academy. Please visit the App Store to download our free App. The following are just a few things you can quickly use our App for
  • See the daily lunch or events
  • Receive push notifications for urgent or emergency messages
  • Report an Absence
  • Support our school while shopping online using the “Shop 2 Support” tab
    • We are continuing to update this app to better serve your needs
  • Lunch Service – Legacy Academy receives school lunches through an agreement with the Elizabeth School District. Families can find information about lunch accounts, menus, free and reduced lunch applications, and general information at the school district’s food services web page.  School Lunch Program 
  • Free and Reduced Lunch – Your children may qualify for free or reduced school lunches. Please use the following link for more information and to complete the application after July 10th. Application 
  • Individual School Supplies – If you did not purchase a school supply kit, you will need to purchase the supplies listed on this list. School Supply List 2017-18
  • Background Check  – Anyone working with children is required to have a background check performed. This includes parents going on field trips, driving for sports activities and working in the classroom.  If you plan on helping in this way, please follow the following steps.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the “School Resources” tab
  3. Select “Volunteer Information”
  4. Complete “Background Check”
  5. Make a payment of $7 to Legacy Academy.  
  6. Record volunteer hours thru Help counter.  

(Completing and paying for your background check will count towards 1 hour of volunteer time.)



2 thoughts on “Getting Started at Legacy Academy!

  1. Do I need to fill out forms and start up accounts for everything below, if we are a returning family? Maybe some? Or perhaps none?

    Thank you! Kate Thomas (Lugliani)

    310) 971-7755



    1. Hi, Kate, this is mainly for new families to Legacy. Closer to the beginning of the school year, you be notified of any form you may need to fill out.


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