Elizabeth Education Foundation

The summer months are soon ahead.  Time for backyard barbecues and family vacations.  It is the perfect time to use your Safeway or King Soopers reloadable gift cards while supporting your student’s education.

On the average, a Fourth of July picnic runs $120.00 for 20 people.  If 100 households use their grocery cards alone, $600 would be raised for teacher grants.  If those families than used their cards each month for a year, $7200.00 would then be raised – from just 100 households!

These funds are community giving that come directly from the store and not from your pocket.  It’s as simple as putting the money you would spend on one of our gift cards just prior to making your purchase, then use the card to buy your groceries!  This additional step supports only the Elizabeth C-1 School District providing thousands of dollars in funding.  Our grant program allows teachers to think outside the box funding a slam poet, elementary level programmable robots, just a couple of examples of the many items funded by the foundation.  These would not have been available to our teachers, but especially our students, without your support, and the support of others like you.

Cards must be purchased from The Elizabeth Education Foundation.  Order forms are attached.

Thank you for helping us help our teachers

EEF Grocery Cards Order Form


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