Legacy Waitlist

Dear Parents of Current Students,

If you have younger siblings who plan to attend Legacy Academy in future years, we ask that they be placed on our waitlist as soon as possible. This will ensure that they are given the appropriate consideration for any available seats in our classrooms. Many of our classes are currently full and your position on the waitlist may be very important as we offer any open seats that might become available prior to the 2017/18 school year.

Our registration process for 2017/18 will begin very soon with the Letter of Commitment, which will be sent in January to the families of all currently enrolled students. You will need complete and submit this form promptly to ensure that your students will retain their seat for 2017/18 attendance. If you do not submit a completed form for your student(s), their seat(s) may be offered to the next student(s) in line on our waitlist.

Please note that the registration process includes TWO parts:

1. The Letter of Commitment – (January 2017) states that your student(s) intend to return for the 2017/18 school year, and holds their seat for the fall.
2. Registration – (February 2017) completion of household contacts, medical information, and final registration fees for fall 2017 attendance.



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