Congratulations on a Job Well Done!

rockiesCongratulations on a job well done! It was a difficult decision but after hours of reading essays from our 6th-grade students, we are proud to announce Emerson Lamansky, Caiden Paillette, and John Williams essays have been chosen as the top three essayists for the 2016 Colorado Rockies Youth Essay Contest.

The writing topic this year is “Make an Impact,” which is inspired by baseball legend and humanitarian Roberto Clemente, not only the way he played baseball but also for always seeking ways to help his community thrive.  Clemente will always be an example to follow on and off the field.  The hope is  that sharing his story, students will be inspired to write about the heroes in their lives who have made a positive impact on the world or how the see themselves with that challenge in their own lives.  The GRAND PRIZE this year is a COLORADO ROCKIES MAKE AN IMPACT ASSEMBLY hosted by DINGER for your school.

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