Girls on the Run

imgres-1Girls on the Run starts on September 13th.  One more week to register!  Go to to register.   Girls on the Run is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls stay out of the “Girl Box” – a place where girls are valued more for their outward appearance than their character inside.  We are working to reduce at-risk behaviors such as substance abuse, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, and poor nutrition.

We use the term “running” loosely – girls can run, hop, skip, speed walk or dance towards their goals.  The lessons promote self-challenge instead of competition; self-worth instead of societal worth; and cooperation instead of rivalry.

Our goals for each girl are to:

  • Understand her place in the community.
  • Have a strong sense of identity.
  • Learn how to give and receive support in a group.
  • Learn to stand up for herself in a healthy manner.
  • Have an improved body image.
  • Complete a 5K run/walk event in the community.
  • Contact: Tara McFarlin 720-315-6108 with any questions

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