S.T.A.R.S Banquet

The STARS (Students Taking Accountability and Responsibility Seriously) banquet was held on April 2nd and is sponsored by the Elizabeth Education Foundation. Students that are nominated district wide for this honor are recognized by their teachers as students who shine in the classroom as well as the community.  We would like to congratulate the following students that were nominated by their teachers:

  • 8th – Hunter Dobbs
  • 7th – Lucas Vicari
  • 7th – Hudson Hauk
  • 6th – Elizabeth Reidel
  • 5th – Emerson Lamansky
  • 5th – Cooper Rumbold

Come One, Come All!

Legacy Academy’s Theater Mask

Break a Leg Theater Club

proudly presents a one-act review of:

A Somewhat UnTypical Day at Legacy Academy

This is a fledging theater program that’s in it’s first year of production, so we would love your support!  It is a free event, though donations are appreciated. 

Location: Legacy Academy Gym

Date: Friday, April 15th, 2016

Time: Curtain at 2:15pm and 6:00pm

Board Election Candidates

Dear Legacy Parents,

We have received four letters of intent for the Legacy Board.  Below is an excerpt from their letter highlighting their commitment to Legacy Academy. Please click on their name for their entire letter.  The board election will be held on April 15th.

Kim Baum– My commitment to Legacy Academy began the day my son walked through the doors on his first day of Kindergarten.  I think when parents get involved in their children’s education the results are always worth the extra effort put forth.  I have been on the board for the past five years and my level of commitment only gets stronger each year.  In my time on the board I’ve been involved in the hiring of two principals, changing our fund raising strategy, updated our mission and vision statement, worked to seamlessly integrate our current technology program and most importantly worked with our budgets to take the school from a negative to a positive financial status. I’ve witnessed the difference it makes when parents come together making tough decisions to build a better learning environment for our students and it gives me a sense of pride to know that I’ve been able to support our school in that capacity.

Mindy Kashner – If I am given the honor of your vote for Legacy School Board member, I understand the commitment it takes to be part of the Legacy team. Education is a critical part of building our children into the men and women of the future. I also believe that each child should be given the opportunity to excel in the areas that they love. We are so blessed to have that experience at Legacy Academy. I am excited and energized to reassure that our kids continue to get a great education, in a great atmosphere. Thank you in advance for opportunity to invest time in your student and our Legacy family.

Tanya McCrea My husband and I came to Legacy Academy last year and have become very actively involved.  We believe it is very important for parents to partner with teachers in the education of children.  I attended the 6th grade outdoor education trip to Estes Park, have assisted in preparing for Nerf Night, volunteered in the classroom and am helping with the upcoming carnival. We love what Legacy Academy stands for and how hard each teacher and staff member works to help the students succeed.  Our only regret is not coming to Legacy Academy sooner.

Nichole Tipton – My hope and plan is that all 3 of my children will attend Legacy Academy all the way through 8th grade. So far I am very impressed by what I have seen at Legacy Academy and I would like to be a part of helping to make it a place where incredible learning continues to happen. Not only for my own kids but because we want to be a part of this community and I believe that educating our kids in the best way possible is important in building a great community.

Board Intent Letters


Board Election Rules

Candidates: The deadline for candidate applications is Monday, March 28, 2016. Each candidate must submit a one-page campaign statement, which will run in the Legacy Ledger on April 8th.

Campaigning: Candidates may not campaign inside the school building. However, the candidates are strongly encouraged to campaign appropriately outside of the school building. Absolutely NO negative campaigning will be permitted.

Time and location: The election for two board members will be held on Friday, April 15th at Legacy from 7am to 7pm. and Creekside Community Church from 8am to 3pm. Voting ballots will not be accepted after 7pm on April 15, 2016

Voter eligibility: Eligible voters shall include parents or guardians of all children currently attending Legacy Academy (no more than two votes per household); teachers currently employed at the school, and paid employees of Legacy. Each person may vote only once.

Voting procedures: Voting from 7am to 7pm at Legacy will commence as follows:

• Voter will sign official voting roster confirming their eligibility to vote.

• Voter will present Voting Official with valid I.D.

• Voter will follow instructions on ballot, vote as he/she determines, and place the ballot into the collection box.

• If a person is unable to vote at the school on April 16th, absentee ballots will be available at the Legacy office April 11– April 14. These ballots must be returned to the school office no later than 7 pm on April 15th to be counted.

Pre-voting and proxy voting will not be permitted.

Counting of votes: At 7pm, all eligible votes will be counted. The two candidates with the most votes will be determined. The candidate with the most votes will fill the longest term. In the case of a tie, a run-off election will be held at a later date to be determined and will comply with the election procedures listed above.
If the election scheduled on April 15th has to be cancelled for any reason, it will be held on the following Friday.

The results of the election should be known the night of April 15, 2016 (unless there is a need for a run-off or a cancellation). A report will be made available to the candidates and current board members after the counting of the votes is concluded. An announcement to the entire school population concerning the results of the election will be made on the following morning.

Thank you very much,
Legacy Academy Election Committee