Legacy Board of Directors Election – April 15, 2016

Hello to all Parents and Staff of Legacy Academy. The time is fast approaching when you will be called upon to elect directors to the Legacy Academy Board. There are two open seats this year. Each seat is for a three year term.

We are asking anyone interested in running for the board to submit a one page biography. In that biography, we would like you to address the following questions:

• Family Background – please give a brief description of your family background, occupation and interests.

• Education Philosophy – please describe your educational philosophy and how you see it fulfilling the vision of Legacy Academy.

• Mission Statement Interpretation – please describe your interpretation of Legacy Academy’s Mission Statement and how you envision a board member’s responsibility for implementing it.

  • Commitment to Legacy Academy – please describe your understanding and commitment to Legacy Academy.
  • All submissions are due by Monday, March 28, 2016 and should be submitted to Jessicca Marks at jessicca.marks@legacyk8.org.

The two Legacy Academy Board seats that are expiring are Scott Walter’s, President of the LA Board, and Kim Baum’s, Public Relations Director.  The two vacant seats are NOT for those particular positions.  The Chairman, Public Relations and other Board positions are voted upon internally, within the Board structure, after elections take place.  Candidates would NOT be running for the LA Board President nor Public Relations title or positions.  Candidates would be running for general Board seats only.

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