Jump Rope for Heart

Our school is proud to partner with the American Heart Association to help kids with special hearts! Mark your calendars for our upcoming annual Jump Rope for Heart event taking place in a gym during PE classes on: Thursday, February 18th. Collection Envelopes are due February 25.

DON’T WAIT to get started, Join our on-line team today! You can create your own webpage send emails to family and friends to help spread awareness about heart disease and stroke and ask for support. It’s fun, safe and easy! Visit www.heart.org/jump and click on “Students Sign Up”

Help Your Child Save Lives and be a Heart Hero!

  • How: Support your child in the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope Heart program.
  • What: A life-saving and educational community service program.
  • Why: Your child will help kids with special hearts, learn about how to be heart healthy, know importance of the heart – how it works, and how to take care of it to feel good!

We hope you are as excited as we are to support our students in this important experience! If you have any questions or would like to volunteer during the event, please let me know. Let’s help our children be heart heroes!

Maggie Chamberlain, Physical Education Teacher

K-5 Special Notes:

  • 3 more weeks to fundraise and collect donations.
  • Due date for turning in donation envelopes is Feb. 25th
  • Each student will have a chance to earn prizes (incentives) for themselves based on their individual totals.
  • Raising money for AHA though our school also has the opportunity to earn free physical education equipment.

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