Legacy Band News

Its time for BAND! Another exciting school year is upon us and we are shooting for even a bigger and better year. This year we are going to sign up for band and get our instruments in a different way.
Who? — Any student in 5th-8th Grade who wants to start an instrument or who has been playing for a year or more.
When and where?-— All students desiring to be in band need to bring their parent/guardian to the Music room (in the mobile trailer out back) on Tuesday, September 8th between 4:00-6:00p.m. We will talk about instrument choices and options.
Instruments? ––Students can bring a family member’s instrument to use, ask to borrow one from the school, or rent one from Flesher Hinton’s amazing program online at www.flesherhinton.com. If you need help with this, please e-mail Mr. Wiens at kris.wiens@legacyk8.org ASAP. Rental instruments will be delivered to the school for your convenience instead of driving down to Denver to pick them up.
Cost? — There is no charge to join Band at Legacy, but there are some tools your student will need to be able to participate like SmartMusic ($40 yr).
-E-Flat Alto saxophone
-B-flat Clarinet.
-B-Flat Trumpet
-Bell and Snare drum kit (we do not begin students in Middle School on drum set due to lack of room and resources.)
What is the commitment? All parents/guardians and students upon signing up for band agree that they understand their grade is based upon 30 minutes of practice 5 days a week, and attendance at one or two concerts. Learning an instrument is an exciting new venture that requires more commitment than just the student’s. Students need help learning the discipline of working hard and sticking with something, even when it gets challenging, and then reaping the wonderfully exciting rewards of performing for others and being recognized. Band will meet this year from 7:00-7:45a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The time change from last year is an effort to decrease the amount of stress created by the business of many important events such as dr. appointments, sports practices and rehearsals, and many more that occur at the end of the school day.
Mr. Wiens

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