Legacy Carpool

If you are looking to decrease the amount of time it takes to pick up your student, be sure to arrive shortly after 3:15, or closer to 3:30.  We do not start calling carpool numbers until 3:15.  The carpool system allows us to release students quickly, but the first wave of students usually reaches vehicles at about 3:18.  Once the first wave of students begins loading, carpool only lasts 20 minutes.  For example, if you were to arrive at school at 3:30, you would find there is a much shorter line and it will be moving at a steady pace.  Your students are very safe in their classrooms until you are able to pick them up, and it is a great opportunity for them to read quietly and relax before heading home.  They will also not feel as stressed to leave when there is much less traffic and confusion.

Those parentCarpools that arrive at 2:30 will have to wait 45 minutes before the carpool begins, plus an additional 5 minutes to get the first students to cars.  Please be aware that students are in classes until 3:15.  Arriving 15-30 minutes early to pick up students on a regular basis is very distracting to end of the day class periods. Also, we are trying to keep those times a bit more clear for those parents that might need to pick up students for appointments.


Safety Tips for Carpool:

Please stay in the carpool lane, unless directed otherwise.

  • Do not stop in front of the building to let your child out, but pull all the way forward in line. We need to get as many cars through at once.
  • Parents please remain in your vehicle as your child exits your car. The paras will assist them.
  • Please don’t block traffic at the entrance of our property where the cones are located.
  • Be patient with the flow of traffic.
  • Make sure your children are ready to go when you come through carpool.
  • Do not drive towards oncoming traffic.
  • Respect our employees and follow their directions and be courteous.
  • Please arrive before 8am and 3:45pm. Our paras are only on duty until 4pm. Student not picked up on time will be placed in aftercare.
  • No left turns out of the property, per the Elbert County Sheriff; they will enforce this.
  • Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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